I am evolutionary biologist conducting research primarily on social selection (including sexual selection). I have worked mainly on birds, fishes, insects, and mammals (including humans) but am a naturalist at heart and usually choose study species that I think will best answer the questions that interest me.

I am currently working on a study of mate choice and parental investment in burying beetles (Nicrophorus) in the French Pyrenees, and a study of dawn choruses in birds at several sites in France, Canada, the United States and Australia.

I also study the history of ornithology, and maintain a website on that topic for the American Ornithological Society. I also maintain a website for a book on the recent history of ornithology that I wrote with Tim Birkhead and Jo Wimpenny in 2014.

From July-December 2017-2020, I am on research leave for 6 months each year, and will not be taking on new graduate students.

I don’t update this website more than once a year so if you are interested in my recent thoughts, ideas and photos follow me on Twitter at the links to the right.

If you are interested in the header photos see here.